The Bottom Line on Keeping Your Bottom Warm: Assos 607 Tights

Review by Lori Hoefer

Dressing for cold weather riding is a fine blend between art and science.  Knowing just what to wear and when to wear it is the art, and having the proper clothing with the right technical fabrics and features is the science.

Over twenty years ago, when I started riding, dressing for cold weather on the bike was more about luck and what’s in the closet.  No science, no art….and surely not enough protection.

The last two winter seasons I’ve ridden through the winter using thermal leg warmers.  While my knees and legs seemed to stay warm, my hips and bottom side really caught a chill at the start of each ride.  But at last I have found the perfect lower body solution for cold weather riding in the Assos Lady’s 607 long tight.

Assos markets the Lady’s 607 tight as an early winter tight.  Much attention was placed on comfort, fit and function in the development of this piece.  Often women’s cycling products aren’t given the attention or the technical focus that men’s products receive.  This is surely not the case for the Assos Lady’s 607 tight.

The 607 tight boast 7 panels, 3 fabrics and 10 components.  The fit is perfect, giving enough length so that ankles aren’t exposed, while not being bunched at the knee or crotch.  The inside of the tight has Assos’s patented RX material, which provides warmth and an extremely soft feel against the skin.

The highly developed RXQ fabric from Assos has 3-D air channels, which provide better thermal properties.  The RXQ fabric helps to regulate and stabilize body temperature.  What this means is that as you warm up during the ride you don’t tend to overheat….a super bonus for us middle aged women who  occasionally experience natures’  internal furnace…wink, wink.

The 607 tight has a 4 way stretch which keeps them in place while you ride.  No annoying twisting, no creeping.  The waistband is low and wide so that there is no pressure around the belly, and provides a slimming look.

I’ve ridden with these tights in temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to 48 degrees with perfect comfort.  I believe that the low temp range could dip into the mid 20’s and the tights would provide enough warmth.  Using the 607 tights in above 50 degree temps may prove to be a bit too toasty.

The Assos brand is known as one of the best brands in the industry.  Purchasing a pair of $320 tights is not an expense but an investment.  There is no reason not to ride when the temperatures dip.  The technical features of today’s outdoor clothing mixed with the comfort of new fabrics and designs leaves no excuses not to get out and ride!