Dear Friends,

Lori-headshotOne of my favorite women in history, Eleanor Roosevelt, said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”

For the last 17 years I have worked in the bicycle industry and have enjoyed an abundance of fruitful experiences. I have worked for one of the most renowned custom builders, Ben Serotta. I have owned my own retail business, Cycling Specifics in North Carolina. I have been a bike fitter, a frame designer, a sales person, a marketer, an event planner, a tour guide, a consultant, an educator, and hopefully, a mentor. I have grown as a professional in an industry that I hold great passion for. I have been privileged to work with the very best.

I’ve come to realize that the only thing that scares me these days is my daily commute on I-95. Who’s going to cut me off? Is there already an accident? Will I be late? These are not the questions that stoke my sense of wonderment.

With the recent relocation of Signature Cycles Manhattan, Paul is finally in a position to breathe easy and spend more time developing his business. He will be able to spend more time at our Greenwich studio, already a successful business, but one that has yet to reach it’s full potential. This gives me a new freedom to explore the many other interests and passions I have. I’m not sure if this comes with age, but I have an intense feeling that “I’m not done yet”. There are more amazing opportunities ahead that need to be explored … I haven’t finished living my personal legend.

Lori-Saturday-RideAnd so with good health, bountiful experiences and a confident attitude, I will be leaving Signature Cycles at the end of October. People often say as a gesture of encouragement, “I’m sure you’ll land on your feet”. I believe I will too, maybe after first landing on my knees a few times. ☺

What does this mean for you? It means you’ll continue to have the pinnacle in cycling services, products and experiences. Signature Cycles was built on best practices using the best products and the best people. Justin, Abraham and Paul have been my friends, my colleagues and my mentors. I don’t need to tell you how good they are … you already know that.

One of the greatest gifts we have is the gift of Wonder. We see it in children’s eyes, we see it as our dogs sniff the ground and dig the earth. I’m off to chase my Wonder. Thanks to each of you for adding to my incredible experience at Signature Cycles. I am absolutely sure that when we meet again and you ask how I am, I’ll say “Wonder- Full”.

I am honored that I had a hand in making your cycling dreams come true.

See you on the road,


Lori can be reached at (203) 485-0500 or her personal email,


Edie (left) and Paco, the outgoing shop dogs of Signature Cycles Greenwich.

Just in Time Inventory – Spring 2014 is 8 Weeks Away!

It’s hard to believe that it will ever be riding weather again when there are 12 inches of snow on the ground, single digit temps and 25 mph winds biting our faces.  But trust us…Spring is coming and in the custom bike world, NOW is the time to get that new bike on order.

Custom bikes are a different and better animal. They are not pumped out like candy on a conveyor belt (think I Love Lucy), but rather, they are crafted by hand, one at a time.  Why should you consider custom?  Like a fine custom-made suit, a custom bike is designed to move with you.  The tubing is chosen, cut, and manipulated in such a way as to replicate the exact ride you are looking for.  The fit is exact, and the finish is yours to create.  Put simply, you need a custom bike because it is the best, no compromises, no “could’ve, should’ve, or would’ve”.

The road to a custom bike involves making an appointment for a fitting, getting fitted (about 2 hours), deciding on parts, wheels and finish with our guidance, and putting a 20% deposit down.  Next….the waiting….

Here are some current lead times to keep in mind:

  • Guru – 4 weeks for custom / 2 weeks for stock
  • Seven Cycles – custom: 5 weeks unpainted / 6 weeks painted
  • Independent Fabrication – 6-8 weeks for steel or Ti / 10-12 weeks for carbon
  • Parlee – 9 weeks for custom / 2-3 weeks for stock
  • Passoni – 10-12 weeks

If you are thinking about a new bike for the Spring, now is the time to get your order in.  Please call our Manhattan or Greenwich studios with any questions, or to schedule an appointment!

Mental Toughness: Sport Psychology with Dr. Jenny Susser

6:30 pm, Thursday, April 26, 2012
Signature Cycles of Greenwich
RSVP to Lori Hoefer: or (203) 485-0500.

Mental Toughness is defined by sport psychologists as “a natural or developed psychological edge that enables mentally tough performers to generally cope better than their opponents with the demands and related pressures that occur at the highest level in sport.” Really, it should say “any level” in any sport, performance, or even training. The key to this definition lies in two words, “developed” and “cope”. This edge can be accessed through mental skills training and practice. Sport Psychology uses mental skills training, similar to a coach using drills or workouts to teach and practice . Once these skills are strong and usable by an athlete, the coping part becomes easier and better.

Dr. Jenny Susser is a Clinical Sport Psychologist with experience on every level. Once an All-American and US National Team swimmer, then coach at her alma mater, UCLA. Now as a Sport Psychologist, she knows what it is to train and compete at the highest levels. Her work with athletes across all sports, ages, and levels gives her experience that when combined with her background, creates a powerful platform of Sport Psychology.

Signature Cycles welcomes Dr. Susser for an evening workshop on sport psychology and improving your cycling performance. You will learn about Sport Psychology and how to apply it to your current situation and level right now! The evening will be two-fold. First, learn about mental skills and concepts. Focus, confidence, and goal setting are foundations of mental skills training and will each be defined and discussed in detail. Second, we will break into small groups and work on how applying these tools to your specific program and needs. It will be a great jump start to your own mental skills training program and put you on a powerful track to accomplish your goals and feel great about your performance.

“Get Your Season Started” Women’s Ride!

Saturday, March 24, 9:00 am at Signature Cycles of Greenwich

It’s time to dust off the cob webs and swing a leg over your bike for the start of the 2012 cycling season! Join fellow women riders for the first official ride of the year! A properly functioning road bike is required. We will ride a nice rolling route in the back country of Greenwich. Riders should be able to ride for 1 1/2 hours and cover approximately 22 miles. Please arrive ready to roll at 9am!

After the ride, stay around and enjoy a BBQ on us!

Contact Lori Hoefer with any questions: or (203) 485-0500.

Our Holiday Gift Guide

Scratching your head about the perfect holiday gift for your cycling friend, boss or significant other? Want to make sure that YOU get the gifts you really want? Let Signature Cycles take this sometimes tedious chore and make it simple. Below is our Gift Giving Guide. Simply print it out and use it to buy gifts or give it to your loved ones with your selections marked. We are happy to assemble your goodies in a festive holiday bag…. Let us know and all you need to do is stop by and pick it up!
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Wheel Wisdom, Nov. 17th

Join us Thursday, November 17th, 6:00 pm in our Greenwich Studio for our Wheel Wisdom Clinic. This clinic will provide you with “Real Wisdom” as we discuss all things related to wheels:

• Hub adjustments
• Sealed cartridge bearings vs. loose ball bearings
• Proper quick release tension
• Tires: clincher vs. tubular vs. tubeless
• Characteristics of carbon vs. alloy rims
• Common noises from wheels and what they mean
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How to End Codependency with Your Local Bike Shop

If you find yourself constantly calling or stopping by the bike shop for every little mechanical issue, then this clinic is for you! Although your smiling face is always welcome, we’d rather see you riding your bike than rolling it through our doors for minor adjustments.
This clinic will address the most common reasons we see people for “emergency” fixes. In this 1 ½ hour session you will learn:


• Minor derailleur adjustments that will quiet that clicking and skipping
• Headset adjustments
• Proper quick release installation – often overlooked but extremely important
• How to change out your brake pads for carbon wheel sets
• The importance of torque specs and how to use a torque wrench


Sign up early as class space is limited!!!
Email to reserve your spot or with any questions.

Signature Cycles of Greenwich
October 13th, 6:00pm


Come to our annual Fall Foliage Ride!

October 23, 2011

Over the past two years, we had an excellent turnout for and response from our Fall Foliage Ride. Last year, we hosted a ride in August, Cycle 4 Kids & K9s, which benefited the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich and Greenwich Adopt a Dog.

This year, we have merged the two into one fantastic ride with multiple ride distances to choose from, post-ride BBQ, raffles, and much more. Click the image below for the flyer and all the details. When you’re ready, registration is at You can also download a PDF of the ride flyer by clicking here.

This ride entirely benefits the Boys & Girls Club and Adopt a Dog.