Dr. Max Testa on the Performance Secret of Mitochondria

On December 5th and 6th, 2011, Dr. Max Testa visited us for the introduction of Passoni Bicycles to Signature Cycles. We were treated to an amazing talk about his long history in the Pro peloton, his training techniques and methodologies, his current work, and hilarious stories about Pro cyclists past and present.

This is the first video in a series which we will release over the coming week in which Dr. Testa discusses how important cellular mitochondria are to athletic performance (and everyday life!).

Peloton Surfing: Learn the Secrets of Staying with Faster Riders

I wrote this for the Orange County Bike Club’s newsletter recently, my home club. We do a fast group ride every Saturday called the Hump where I am repeatedly forced to the limits of my strength and/or fitness by other, stronger (and usually younger) riders. What I’ve learned over the years is that you don’t have to be the strongest, but it pays to be the smartest.

Here’s the recipe for what I call “Peloton Surfing”. You don’t have to be a racer for this to apply; pretty much every cyclist has been dropped from a group at one time or another.
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Our Holiday Gift Guide

Scratching your head about the perfect holiday gift for your cycling friend, boss or significant other? Want to make sure that YOU get the gifts you really want? Let Signature Cycles take this sometimes tedious chore and make it simple. Below is our Gift Giving Guide. Simply print it out and use it to buy gifts or give it to your loved ones with your selections marked. We are happy to assemble your goodies in a festive holiday bag…. Let us know and all you need to do is stop by and pick it up!
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Website 101

“I need a new website.”

These five words strike more fear in more business owners than hearing “We are heading for another recession”. Websites are everywhere, so why are they so hard to construct? The answer is that they are not. Websites are easy, great websites are a lot of work.

That was my mission nine months ago. Create a great website that distinguishes us from our competition. I consider any recreational activity vying for cyclists’ time and attention to be competition. I needed people, lots of them, to look at how we operate and help create our online vision. The funnel theory was explained to me on how we need to direct more people to our proposed site and get them to act on our message. Sounded like a good theory, so I searched for the best “funnel” people that I could find.
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Why Custom?

There are eight factors that determine ride performance of a bicycle frame which need to be explored and understood when purchasing a new bicycle. By taking each of these factors into account, the cyclist can be sure to make an educated decision in his next bicycle purchase. The goal is to optimize these factors to create the best combination of efficiency, handling and comfort.

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