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The landscape of Bike fitting has become populated with technologies that weren’t conceivable fifteen years ago, when I first conducted the Serotta School of Cycling Ergonomics. Advanced technologies should always be embraced and integrated whenever possible into today’s methodologies. However, we are at a time in Bike Fitting where technology has trumped the technician. We can now measure within microns of a millimeter and virtually eliminate the human from the equation in finding the best bike fit. Or can we?

I have spent the past several years attending seminars and sitting on industry panels watching how Bike Fitting services are becoming automated and made to be as simple as plug-and-play. Let a machine determine where you should be on the bike and then wait for it to spit out the best-fit options in terms of position, components and bikes. I am sorry; I need to call “Bullshit”. We have crossed the line and have allowed programmers to make assumptions based on the quickest filtering down system to produce an output to get a cyclist out the door and on their way in the least amount of time. Many of today’s Bike Fitting systems have taken the human connection out of the equation.

Signature Cycles has always emphasized the importance of our one-on-one approach to understanding you as a cyclist. We learn how you got to where you are today and where you want to be, in the short and long term future. We built our reputation on our bedside manner; call it “bikeside” manner, where no secret handshake or race credentials are needed to receive unconditional advice on what is best for you. We discover, understand and accommodate for your limitations on the bike and as a cyclist. Signature Cycles is determined to always offer the best in customer respect, caring, connection and community.

Embracing the latest technologies is imperative to stay current and relevant. We choose our Bike Fitting technology to compliment our technicians’ expertise, all along enhancing your understanding of what it takes for you to become a better cyclist. Let’s not lose the best of our human connection by replacing empathy and understanding with measuring microns. The landscape in the Bike Fitting field is wide enough to offer the best of both worlds, Bikeside manner and the latest technology.

Contact us to discuss how we can make your cycling experiences the most enjoyable by starting with a Professional Bike Fitting.