Just in Time Inventory – Spring 2014 is 8 Weeks Away!

It’s hard to believe that it will ever be riding weather again when there are 12 inches of snow on the ground, single digit temps and 25 mph winds biting our faces.  But trust us…Spring is coming and in the custom bike world, NOW is the time to get that new bike on order.

Custom bikes are a different and better animal. They are not pumped out like candy on a conveyor belt (think I Love Lucy), but rather, they are crafted by hand, one at a time.  Why should you consider custom?  Like a fine custom-made suit, a custom bike is designed to move with you.  The tubing is chosen, cut, and manipulated in such a way as to replicate the exact ride you are looking for.  The fit is exact, and the finish is yours to create.  Put simply, you need a custom bike because it is the best, no compromises, no “could’ve, should’ve, or would’ve”.

The road to a custom bike involves making an appointment for a fitting, getting fitted (about 2 hours), deciding on parts, wheels and finish with our guidance, and putting a 20% deposit down.  Next….the waiting….

Here are some current lead times to keep in mind:

  • Guru – 4 weeks for custom / 2 weeks for stock
  • Seven Cycles – custom: 5 weeks unpainted / 6 weeks painted
  • Independent Fabrication – 6-8 weeks for steel or Ti / 10-12 weeks for carbon
  • Parlee – 9 weeks for custom / 2-3 weeks for stock
  • Passoni – 10-12 weeks

If you are thinking about a new bike for the Spring, now is the time to get your order in.  Please call our Manhattan or Greenwich studios with any questions, or to schedule an appointment!

Attention Serotta Owners

Registration for your reinstated warranty policy is due by December 31, 2013.

A warranty policy has been has been put in place to cover defects of material and/or craftsmanship for Serotta custom and stock frames. It will be necessary to register your frame(s) in order to qualify for this coverage in the unlikely event that any damage arises.

Registration is through Serotta’s website: serotta.com/warranty

The serial number of your Serotta can be found stamped into the underside of the bottom bracket (the bottom bracket is where the cranks mount to the frame).

Should you need any assistance with the required documentation or with serial number identification, please do not hesitate to call us.

Manhattan: (212) 706-0025

Greenwich: (203) 485-0500

Central Valley: (845) 928-3060

Our Top 6 Items for Fall Riding

Fall Gear Guide

Fall is in full swing here in NYC. Thoughts of bare-kneed riding are a distant memory as I check my phone’s weather app to see today’s high: 55 degrees. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful weekend. October and November are my favorite riding months here in New York and Connecticut. Aero-race gear is replaced by fenders and trusty hand-built wheels. Cyclocross and gravel grinding bikes begin to appear on the roads equipped with 25 and 28mm tires. Best of all, those extra 5 pounds of “winter weight” become a socially acceptable accessory.

With the weather change, I am constantly reminded of that Golden Rule: “There is no bad weather, just bad equipment.” For many of us, it’s difficult to justify a good pair of winter tights, as compared to a new gadget for our bikes. However, investing in your cold weather gear will ensure a great riding experience for years to come. Here, we offer some of our trusted favorites and also some of the latest, groundbreaking cold weather innovations.

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Winterizing Your Road Bike

With cold-weather fast approaching, snow, rain, salt, and mud covered roads aren’t too far behind. Winterizing your bike is an important step and one that only takes a few minutes. Good tires are a must for winter riding and no matter what climate you live, thinking about changing out your carbon Lightweight, Enve or Zipp wheels will be of most importance when preparing for winter riding. Let Signature help find the right wheel for you and your bike so your cold weather training does not suffer from winter weather blues.

One wheel that is a versatile and reliable everyday wheel for winter is the Shimano C35 Carbon Clincher. The C35 is made for power transfer and with an extra wide hub, it helps maximize lateral rigidity. The set weighs in at only 1530 grams yet is still light enough that you will not feel the added weight. It has an alloy braking surface for better stopping-power on wet, slushy roads, and its new OptBal rear-wheel spoke system features 21 spokes: 14 on the drive side and 7 on the non-drive side. This enhances rigidity and strength, making a more durable wheel. These Shimano wheels not only achieve exceptional lightness, durability and stiffness, but also have an unmistakably super ride quality.

Winterizing your wheels will help protect your baby (let’s face it…it is a part of your family!) as well as allow for comfortable and safe riding throughout these dark, cold months and will aid the longevity of your full carbon wheels. So, let’s get ready for Old Man Winter so we can get out there and ride!

Shimano C35 Clinchers

Signature’s Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Each year around this time, cyclists, their friends, and their families ask us for gift ideas. This holiday season we decided to put together a shopping cheat sheet. Maybe somebody close to you needs a little help when shopping for the cyclist in their life. We find that this list is very effective when “accidentally” left on the kitchen table with desired items circled or highlighted.

Also, don’t forget that Signature Cycles Gift Certificates are available for fits, tune-ups, or amounts in any denomination!

We hope this list helps. Cheers!

Under $500 – Assos Zegho Glasses

Through four years of development, a company that does not make sunglasses decided to make the best cycling optics ever produced. Assos Zegho is a product like no other. The Carl Zeiss lenses with zero distortion provide the best optics you’ll ever experience. Zegho feels like you’re wearing nothing, but provides everything in protection. These glasses allow an incredible view of the road and are the ultimate choice in cycling eyewear. Prices range from $400-$470.

Under $200 – Light and Motion Urban 550 Headlight

With short winter days coming, an effective headlight is a must have to see and be seen. This self-contained rechargeable light creates more light than you would believe could come out of such a small package. Not that long ago, to get 550 lumens of output, you needed a big external battery and an expensive headlamp. Thanks to advances is LED and battery technology, you now can fit 550 lumens in your jersey pocket in case you decide to take the scenic route home! Price: $160

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The Easiest (and cheapest) Performance Upgrade

How many times have you heard someone say “take a deep breath and relax”?

I would hazard a guess that most people (not just athletes) truly understand that deep, controlled breathing is the best way to calm the mind and relax the body. This is true if you’re stressed at work, stressed while you’re sitting in traffic on the highway, or stressed because you’re pummeling yourself to keep up with the rest of the group out on your bike.

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A Special Look Behind the Scenes: SRAM & Zipp

Paul’s report from SRAM & Zipp’s Product Advisory Board, February 2012.

Seeing and playing with cool bike stuff before it gets released is fun. Having an influence on what great products come next in the bike industry is a privilege. I sat on the SRAM / Zipp Advisory Board with seven other retailers last week. Our group was eclectic in their business models, from arguably the most successful bicycle mail-order owner to owners of tri and road shops from around the country with both single and multiple sites. The common thread that ran through the group was that we challenge ourselves, our staff and our businesses to be on the cutting edge of bicycle technology. We don’t stay stagnant and we expect our manufacturers to give us intelligent, well thought out and executed products that will enhance our clients’ cycling experiences. This group would chew up and spit out any pretenders. The “powers that be” at SRAM did their homework and truly wanted to know how they can be the preeminent player in their market. Our group was not short on giving comments and advice.
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Dr. Max Testa on Muscle Coordination Training

Here is part four of our series of videos from Dr. Max Testa’s talk at our Greenwich Studio’s Passoni Bicycles introduction event. In this portion of Dr. Testa’s talk, he covers muscle coordination and pedaling efficiency, and how outright muscular strength is not such a great thing if those muscles are not coordinated in their firing sequence.

Dr. Max Testa on Muscle Coordination Training from Signature Cycles on Vimeo.