Our Top 6 Items for Fall Riding

Fall Gear Guide

Fall is in full swing here in NYC. Thoughts of bare-kneed riding are a distant memory as I check my phone’s weather app to see today’s high: 55 degrees. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful weekend. October and November are my favorite riding months here in New York and Connecticut. Aero-race gear is replaced by fenders and trusty hand-built wheels. Cyclocross and gravel grinding bikes begin to appear on the roads equipped with 25 and 28mm tires. Best of all, those extra 5 pounds of “winter weight” become a socially acceptable accessory.

With the weather change, I am constantly reminded of that Golden Rule: “There is no bad weather, just bad equipment.” For many of us, it’s difficult to justify a good pair of winter tights, as compared to a new gadget for our bikes. However, investing in your cold weather gear will ensure a great riding experience for years to come. Here, we offer some of our trusted favorites and also some of the latest, groundbreaking cold weather innovations.

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Winterizing Your Road Bike

With cold-weather fast approaching, snow, rain, salt, and mud covered roads aren’t too far behind. Winterizing your bike is an important step and one that only takes a few minutes. Good tires are a must for winter riding and no matter what climate you live, thinking about changing out your carbon Lightweight, Enve or Zipp wheels will be of most importance when preparing for winter riding. Let Signature help find the right wheel for you and your bike so your cold weather training does not suffer from winter weather blues.

One wheel that is a versatile and reliable everyday wheel for winter is the Shimano C35 Carbon Clincher. The C35 is made for power transfer and with an extra wide hub, it helps maximize lateral rigidity. The set weighs in at only 1530 grams yet is still light enough that you will not feel the added weight. It has an alloy braking surface for better stopping-power on wet, slushy roads, and its new OptBal rear-wheel spoke system features 21 spokes: 14 on the drive side and 7 on the non-drive side. This enhances rigidity and strength, making a more durable wheel. These Shimano wheels not only achieve exceptional lightness, durability and stiffness, but also have an unmistakably super ride quality.

Winterizing your wheels will help protect your baby (let’s face it…it is a part of your family!) as well as allow for comfortable and safe riding throughout these dark, cold months and will aid the longevity of your full carbon wheels. So, let’s get ready for Old Man Winter so we can get out there and ride!

Shimano C35 Clinchers