Signature Cycles welcomes Mosaic Cycles: Q & A

Signature Cycles welcomes Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles

Signature Cycles welcomes Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles

There is something special about the hand-made bike industry. It is dynamic, innovative, and expanding. Every year we see the rise and fall of dozens of small builders each trying to establish themselves as a legitimate brand. Like every small business, natural talent and drive are just a small, albeit necessary, part of a successful company. One of my favorite quotes come from Professional Triathlete Sergio Marques: “An overnight sensation usually takes about 10 years”. No where is this more relevant than in the cycling industry. Today, Signature Cycles welcomes Mosaic Cycles as the newest addition to our remarkable lineup of brands. While their biggest breakthrough came in 2013 when Mosaic won the NAHBS “Best Cyclocross Bicycle” category for their stunning XT-1d Titanium Cyclocross bike, I can assure you their seemingly overnight success took years of experience and  growth. We spoke with the team of the Boulder, CO based company to get a better understanding on who they are and what they bring to our lineup.

Who is Mosaic?
Mosaic Cycles is a bespoke titanium and steel bicycle manufacturer based out of Boulder, CO. It is comprised of a committed group of individuals who all share a passion for cycling and the hand built process. 

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What Happens in Greenwich, Stays in Greenwich…


October 23, 2014    5pm – 8pm
Signature Cycles Greenwich

You don’t need to travel to Vegas to see the newest 2015 products from Zipp, Assos, Rapha, Shimano, Specialized, Cycleops, and SRAM. Spend an evening with us in a “Trade Show” environment seeing, touching, and learning about the latest greatest cycling products. Manufacturer Representatives from each company will share their knowledge and expertise.

Want to learn what makes the Zipp Firestrike the fastest, most efficient new wheel? Try the all new PowerBeam from Cycleops … one of the coolest indoor training systems on the market. Ride strong and fast in the new 2015 styles from Rapha and Assos. Take a test ride on a Fat Boy from Specialized, guaranteed to spread a smile across your face.

Spread the word, bring a friend. RSVP is appreciated:

Winterizing Your Road Bike

With cold-weather fast approaching, snow, rain, salt, and mud covered roads aren’t too far behind. Winterizing your bike is an important step and one that only takes a few minutes. Good tires are a must for winter riding and no matter what climate you live, thinking about changing out your carbon Lightweight, Enve or Zipp wheels will be of most importance when preparing for winter riding. Let Signature help find the right wheel for you and your bike so your cold weather training does not suffer from winter weather blues.

One wheel that is a versatile and reliable everyday wheel for winter is the Shimano C35 Carbon Clincher. The C35 is made for power transfer and with an extra wide hub, it helps maximize lateral rigidity. The set weighs in at only 1530 grams yet is still light enough that you will not feel the added weight. It has an alloy braking surface for better stopping-power on wet, slushy roads, and its new OptBal rear-wheel spoke system features 21 spokes: 14 on the drive side and 7 on the non-drive side. This enhances rigidity and strength, making a more durable wheel. These Shimano wheels not only achieve exceptional lightness, durability and stiffness, but also have an unmistakably super ride quality.

Winterizing your wheels will help protect your baby (let’s face it…it is a part of your family!) as well as allow for comfortable and safe riding throughout these dark, cold months and will aid the longevity of your full carbon wheels. So, let’s get ready for Old Man Winter so we can get out there and ride!

Shimano C35 Clinchers

A Great Night at Our Greenwich Studio Grand Opening

Our Greenwich Studio Grand Opening party this November was a blast and we wanted to share this short video of the night with you. It’s always great to get so many friends, clients and partners together and we want to extend our thanks to everyone for coming out and celebrating with us. Reps from Seven, IF, Guru, Serotta, Parlee, Assos, Rapha, Shimano, Zipp, SRAM and Lightweight were there along with many of our clients. We gave away over $10,000 in prizes in our raffle including a Lightweight wheelset, a Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 group, and a cycling trip to Majorca! It was a great night and we want to thank everyone for showing up. If you missed it, please come by for a tour of our new Greenwich showroom soon – Happy New Year!



Passoni Nero XL – The Perfect Dancing Partner

Forgetting about bicycles for a moment, I am a creature who enjoys aspirational products. I admit it; I am tempted by just out of reach brands and toys that promise the ultimate in an experience or performance. Good enough is never good enough for me. I rarely get disappointed when I cross into the luxury purchase category.
However, there is always a risk of falling prey to being over promised and coming up short on delivery.

My expectations for my Passoni Nero XL were high. They had to be. Passoni was breaking a ceiling set by our other custom brands that already stood as tall as Grand Central Terminal’s ceiling – higher than necessary, but definitely worth the statement.

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Review: Shimano Ultegra 6700 Tubeless Wheelset

If we deconstruct the bicycle as a machine down to it’s most basic elements, we are left with two wheels and a frame to connect them. When we examine the physical effort required to move a bicycle forward, air resistance, rolling resistance, weight of the bicycle and the rider, and the incline of the ground are all variables. The force required to spin the wheels is constant. So it comes as little surprise that cycling enthusiasts frequently look to their wheels when trying to extract greater performance out of themselves and their bike.

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Shimano Di2 Owner’s Survey

111206-Di2shifter-wpShimano Dura Ace Di2 is not the first group of bicycle components to utilize electrically powered shifting, many systems came before. It is not the first electronic group aimed at road racing, Di2 was preceded by a few notable, if underdeveloped attempts. The first Shimano press releases were met with reactions ranging from mild reservation to complete dismissal. Yet there was still hope that Shimano, with their hard earned reputation for reliability, could deliver a fully realized system that would be a true advancement in the bicycle drivetrain.
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Electronic Shifting and The Custom Bicycle

101211-shimano-005-wpIn many ways, we cyclists are trying to get back to the simplicity of when we first fell in love with cycling. The simplicity of that first single speed bike on which we learned to ride. All you had to think about was turning the cranks over and pointing the wheel wherever you wanted to go. The desire to get that feeling back is evident in the resurgence of the single speed bike in urban areas around the world. However, as our cycling aspirations increased, so did the need for a broader range of gearing. We had to learn a host of new skills, how to shift, when to shift, the most efficient cadence. We traded the simplicity for speed, comfort, and distance.

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A Unique Solution for Hector Picard

Hector Picard was introduced to us by Matt Long as an athlete that could benefit from our fitting services and our relationship with an array of custom builders. We had worked with Matt during his rehabilitation and journey to complete Ironman Lake Placid. Matt had unique physical challenges caused by being run over by a bus. We partnered with Serotta, creating a custom bike for Matt that helped him achieve his goal in 2009.

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