World Bicycle Relief Fundraiser Results

Our fundraiser event for World Bicycle Relief broke all records thanks to our partner The Movado Group and our generous family of donors. We raised $107,000, providing 800 specially designed, locally assembled Buffalo Bicycles to students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in rural Africa. These bikes will help connect them with education, healthcare and economic opportunities.

Thank you all for your support,
The Team at Signature Cycles


Left to right: Bob Parlee (Parlee Cycles), Efraim Grinberg (The Movado Group), & F.K. Day (Founder of World Bicycle Relief) at our WBR fundraising event.

World Bicycle Relief Fundraiser and Drawing

World Bicycle Relief Banner Image

Signature Cycles has been delivering dream bikes to cyclists for the last 15 years. To many of us cyclists, a bicycle is a recreational tool – we use it to train, race or commute. We search for the perfect, high-performing bike to chase our dreams and goals. Yet, to many more people around the world, a bicycle is a critical, sustainable form of mobility, where mobility can mean the difference between seeing a doctor, getting to school, or making a living – or not.

We are proud to continue our partnership with World Bicycle Relief to make dreams come true for students and workers in rural parts of Africa. This year, we will be hosting an extraordinary drawing and exclusive event on November 12, in conjunction with Movado and World Bicycle Relief.

The Drawing

For $134, the cost of one Buffalo Bicycle, you can offer the gift of mobility. Donors can donate via our fundraising page, or visit our donation station in either of our studio locations in Manhattan or Greenwich, CT. Your contribution will also enter you in our exclusive drawing:

* Donate 1 bike = $134 = 1 ticket (minimum amount for drawing ticket)
* Donate 6 bikes = $804 = you’ll receive 1 free ticket! (7 tickets total)
* Donate 12 bikes = $1,608 = you’ll receive 4 free tickets! (16 tickets total)
* Donate 24 bikes = $3,216 = you’ll receive 11 free tickets! (35 tickets total)

The three extraordinary prizes featured are:


Custom Parlee Cycles Z Zero

A custom carbon Parlee Z Zero is 100% made to order, with the optimum performance characteristics and technical requirements perfectly met for each individual rider.


Movado Parlee 2014 Limited Edition Automatic Chronograph

DYNAMIC Movado Parlee takes its name and inspiration from the world’s most advanced, lightweight race bikes. INNOVATIVE It incorporates 250 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber, the ultra-lightweight material perfected by Parlee Cycles. AERODYNAMIC A unique tubular framework creates a fluid, ultra-modern silhouette. PRECISE Powered by a fine ETA caliber A07 Swiss automatic chronograph movement. RARE Limited to a total of 250 pieces.


Majorca Spring Training Camp 2015

Join Signature Cycles for an epic week of steady climbing, rolling hills throughout the olive groves, beautiful switch back descents, and endless laughs and sunshine in Majorca, Spain.

The Exclusive Event

A premier fundraising event, hosted by Movado | Signature Cycles | World Bicycle Relief, will take place on November 12 in Manhattan, for top supporters from 2013.

For all entrants to this drawing, you need not be present to win one of the three prizes.

Through these fundraising efforts, we hope to provide more than 750 specifically engineered, culturally appropriate bikes to help make an impact by providing an entire community the opportunity of independence, mobility and livelihood through the use of dependable bicycles.

Thank you for your support,
The Team at Signature Cycles

Click here for our World Bicycle Relief donation page.

Dream Prizes on Offer to Help Build Children’s Dreams in Africa

World Bicycle ReliefSignature Cycles has been delivering dream bikes to cyclists for the last fifteen years. To many of us, a bicycle is a recreational tool we use to train, race, or commute. We search for the perfect, high-performance bike to chase our dreams and goals. Yet, for many more people around the world, a bicycle is a basic, sustainable form of mobility when mobility can mean the difference between seeing a doctor, getting to school, or making a living.

Signature Cycles has partnered with World Bicycle Relief and set a goal to provide 100 or more specifically engineered, culturally appropriate bikes to a school in Zambia.

The path to this goal involves you – our clients and friends – and a few different approaches to raising funds in order to build and deliver “Buffalo Bikes” to students and workers in a rural region of Zambia.

— The Raffle —

The highlight of our fundraising effort will be raffle drawings for one complete Parlee bicycle, one complete Seven bicycle, and one dream cycling trip to Signature’s 2014 Majorca Spring Training Camp.

Tickets for the raffle are available any time at our Manhattan and Greenwich studios, online at our WBR fundraising site, or at each of our evening events (event details below). This raffle is open to any and all, and you do not need to be present at the drawing to claim your prize. Each entry in the raffle is $134, the cost of a single Buffalo Bike. For every five raffle tickets you purchase, we will better your odds in the drawings by putting a complimentary sixth ticket in the hat as a thank you for helping us meet our goal. As of November 1st, all donations to World Bicycle Relief (i.e. your raffle tickets) will be matched dollar-for-dollar to create double the impact.

Parlee Cycles, SRAM, and Zipp have generously donated one complete Parlee bicycle for the drawing at our Manhattan studio’s event.

Seven Cycles, SRAM, and Zipp have generously donated a complete Seven bicycle for the drawing at our Greenwich studio’s event.

The winner of each bicycle will receive a fitting at Signature Cycles for their new Parlee or Seven.

Buffalo BikeThe drawing for the trip to Majorca will be held at our second evening event in Greenwich, with tickets collected from both events, both studios, and online entries.

All online raffle entries will be evenly and randomly split between our evening events for the Parlee and Seven bicycle drawings.


— The Events and Silent Auctions —

Our Manhattan and Greenwich studios will each host an evening event with representatives of World Bicycle Relief, including their Founder, FK Day.

Manhattan: Wednesday, November 20, 6pm – 9pm

Greenwich: Thursday, November 21, 6pm – 9pm

At each of these two evenings will be a silent auction comprised of items generously donated by many of our bicycle industry partners, and others:

Parlee Cycles — Seven Cycles — SRAM — Movado
Assos — Enve Composites — Rapha — Shimano
Osmo Nutrition — Arundel — Chris King — Fizik

The list of items for auction currently totals $35,000 and the list of donors continues to grow. 100% of silent auction proceeds will be donated to World Bicycle Relief. Many thanks to our donors and partners for working with us to help better the lives of others.

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Paul’s New Parlee Z Zero Scores Ten


I decided to gift myself a new bike after my short hiccup this summer with my surgeries  to correct my occluded external iliac artery. It was time for me to create a whimsical paint scheme to remind myself that I ride because I like to feel like I am ten again. There is no denying it, we all ride because there are only a few things that we do as responsible adults that make us feel preteen and enjoy them as much now as we did when we used to skid in puddles with our Schwinn Stingrays.

At first look at my Parlee Z zero, you can’t get past the deep purple palette trimmed with gold accents. It screams “pop a wheelie” and “this is a great skidder”. This bike goes way beyond a chick magnet, it will turn heads at elementary schools. Parlee nailed the depth of my immaturity right down to the purple matching Enve seat post, stem and handlebars. I might be slow, for now, but I do feel pretty on this bike. Not that there is anything wrong with that. The only thing that is missing is streamers out the back of the handlebars.

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A Great Night at Our Greenwich Studio Grand Opening

Our Greenwich Studio Grand Opening party this November was a blast and we wanted to share this short video of the night with you. It’s always great to get so many friends, clients and partners together and we want to extend our thanks to everyone for coming out and celebrating with us. Reps from Seven, IF, Guru, Serotta, Parlee, Assos, Rapha, Shimano, Zipp, SRAM and Lightweight were there along with many of our clients. We gave away over $10,000 in prizes in our raffle including a Lightweight wheelset, a Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 group, and a cycling trip to Majorca! It was a great night and we want to thank everyone for showing up. If you missed it, please come by for a tour of our new Greenwich showroom soon – Happy New Year!



Greenwich Parlee Demo

July 12th
Signature Cycles Greenwich

If you haven’t had the opportunity to throw a leg over a Parlee, you may not understand why people rave about the ride quality. Luckily, Steve from Parlee will be bringing a fleet of demo Parlees to our Greenwich studio on July 12th. This is a unique opportunity to log actual saddle time on a Parlee while enjoying the roads and terrain you’re familiar with.

To reserve a bike and time slot, send an email to with your bike size and desired time. There will be two, one hour long rides starting at 4:30 and then 6:00 respectively. Just bring your pedals, shoes and helmet and we will take care of the rest. Steve will also be on hand after the rides to field any questions you may have about Parlee.

Going Local – Getting Personal

From farmer’s markets to urban development, the discussion about sustainability and buying local is a hot one. The bicycle industry is inherently green, but long before sustainability and buying local was trendy, I knew I wanted to focus Signature Cycles around local partnerships. Back in 1999, I saw that creating the best custom built bicycles was about creating personal relationships – both with the best manufacturers and with our clients. What’s drawing people to the buy local movement is the sense of confidence and trust they feel when they actually know where a product comes from, who made it and how it’s made. It’s about transparency and going back to old values of real craftsmanship, whether we’re talking artisan cheeses or handmade bicycles.

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Lightweight Factory Tour

110902-lightweight-23-wpTop Secret. Every manufacturer that I have ever visited has a Top Secret, behind the curtain section that is corded off to only those with the proper clearance. Lightweight goes beyond any limited access areas that I have seen in our industry. For good reason, Lightweight is more than just a wheel manufacturer. They are a carbon company first; wheels are just one of the products that they produce in their factories. Lightweight is contracted to build satellites, MRI equipment, airplane components, Formula One parts and a slew of other really cool stuff that requires exacting manufacturing to tolerances measured within 1000th of a millimeter. Think what would happen if the MRI track that the camera rides on is out of true or if a satellite camera mount is off by just a hair. Lightweight lives on the razor’s edge of tolerances like no other company in our industry.
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