Just in Time Inventory – Spring 2014 is 8 Weeks Away!

It’s hard to believe that it will ever be riding weather again when there are 12 inches of snow on the ground, single digit temps and 25 mph winds biting our faces.  But trust us…Spring is coming and in the custom bike world, NOW is the time to get that new bike on order.

Custom bikes are a different and better animal. They are not pumped out like candy on a conveyor belt (think I Love Lucy), but rather, they are crafted by hand, one at a time.  Why should you consider custom?  Like a fine custom-made suit, a custom bike is designed to move with you.  The tubing is chosen, cut, and manipulated in such a way as to replicate the exact ride you are looking for.  The fit is exact, and the finish is yours to create.  Put simply, you need a custom bike because it is the best, no compromises, no “could’ve, should’ve, or would’ve”.

The road to a custom bike involves making an appointment for a fitting, getting fitted (about 2 hours), deciding on parts, wheels and finish with our guidance, and putting a 20% deposit down.  Next….the waiting….

Here are some current lead times to keep in mind:

  • Guru – 4 weeks for custom / 2 weeks for stock
  • Seven Cycles – custom: 5 weeks unpainted / 6 weeks painted
  • Independent Fabrication – 6-8 weeks for steel or Ti / 10-12 weeks for carbon
  • Parlee – 9 weeks for custom / 2-3 weeks for stock
  • Passoni – 10-12 weeks

If you are thinking about a new bike for the Spring, now is the time to get your order in.  Please call our Manhattan or Greenwich studios with any questions, or to schedule an appointment!