“Blasphemy, I tell you.” my good friend scolded me.

“Why would a company that built its stellar reputation on a custom platform entertain the idea of offering a non custom product line?” he continued the beat down.

It was a gut check, for sure. I know what attracts me to Specialized S-Works and Shiv offerings. I have seen first hand, while spending time at the mother ship in Morgan Hill, California, the attention to detail in the design, engineering and execution of these fine production bikes. I have ridden all the S-Works models when I could steal time away from my teaching duties at the Masters Body Geometry Fit classes. There is no doubting that Specialized S-Works models deliver something special while cruising the Santa Cruz mountain ranges.  Yes, “something special,” is critical in meeting our criteria to offer a product for sale, but is it enough?

It was time to put this decision through the litmus test of our corporate mission.

Signature Cycles is a service based company with a primary goal of offering our clients the best quality products, the highest level of expertise and service, and unparalleled ongoing support.

We create  a customer experience that is specifically tailored to our individual client’s cycling aspirations, delivered in a professional manner in which every client is made to feel understood and important.  We offer exemplary services and products which ultimately create raving fans.

When put through the test, Specialized S-Works and Shivs meet our criteria and then some. We have chosen Specialized S-Works and Shivs for the quality, innovation and variety the lines offer our discerning clientele.

Our commitment to a Fit First philosophy will never waiver. We believe that your bike doesn’t exist, until we fit you. Specialized S-Works and Shivs, like our other non custom models offered in our current lines,  will need to fit first before one will be allowed to roll out the door.

“Blasphemy?”  I think not. The only blasphemy part is that we will only be offering Specialized in our Greenwich studio. We sit too close to a current Specialized S-Works dealer in Manhattan and will respect their territory privileges.

So, say it is so. We welcome Specialized to the Signature Cycles family of the world’s best frame and bicycle offerings and are excited to add them to our stable. Please reach out to us in Greenwich when you are ready to see what all the fuss is about and have us check if one of the Specialized S-Works or Shiv geometries fit your positional coordinates.

If you are new to Signature Cycles and haven’t had a Sizecycle fitting, this would be the perfect time to get Fit and dial in your non custom current bike or take the plunge and discover what is special about riding a Specialized.

See our new Specialized S-Works gallery HERE

Paul Levine