Mental Toughness: Sport Psychology with Dr. Jenny Susser

6:30 pm, Thursday, April 26, 2012
Signature Cycles of Greenwich
RSVP to Lori Hoefer: or (203) 485-0500.

Mental Toughness is defined by sport psychologists as “a natural or developed psychological edge that enables mentally tough performers to generally cope better than their opponents with the demands and related pressures that occur at the highest level in sport.” Really, it should say “any level” in any sport, performance, or even training. The key to this definition lies in two words, “developed” and “cope”. This edge can be accessed through mental skills training and practice. Sport Psychology uses mental skills training, similar to a coach using drills or workouts to teach and practice . Once these skills are strong and usable by an athlete, the coping part becomes easier and better.

Dr. Jenny Susser is a Clinical Sport Psychologist with experience on every level. Once an All-American and US National Team swimmer, then coach at her alma mater, UCLA. Now as a Sport Psychologist, she knows what it is to train and compete at the highest levels. Her work with athletes across all sports, ages, and levels gives her experience that when combined with her background, creates a powerful platform of Sport Psychology.

Signature Cycles welcomes Dr. Susser for an evening workshop on sport psychology and improving your cycling performance. You will learn about Sport Psychology and how to apply it to your current situation and level right now! The evening will be two-fold. First, learn about mental skills and concepts. Focus, confidence, and goal setting are foundations of mental skills training and will each be defined and discussed in detail. Second, we will break into small groups and work on how applying these tools to your specific program and needs. It will be a great jump start to your own mental skills training program and put you on a powerful track to accomplish your goals and feel great about your performance.