Strength Conditioning & Injury Prevention Clinic with ML STRENGTH

Clinic with ML Strength

Join us in our Greenwich Studio on Thursday, March 13th at 6pm for a hands-on clinic on strength conditioning and and injury prevention.

Andrew Laux, MS, from ML Strength in White Plains, NY will share his insight and expertise on training aspects specific to cycling. Andrew will lead us through a variety of exercises teaching proper form and execution.

The goals of the clinic are to provide those attending with strategies for reducing tension, developing strength in deficient muscle groups and improving pedal stroke efficiency.  A portion of the clinic will focus on injury prevention through exercises geared towards the development of strength in stabilizer muscles to reduce the wear and tear of joints, while insuring all energy is placed linearly into the pedals.

Please wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement and bring a mat or towel to lay on.

ML Strength is a small, private sports performance facility located in downtown White Plains. The mission of ML Strength is to provide a professional athlete experience for all clients.

RSVP required as this will be an active clinic and space is limited.

Respond to Lori Hoefer:

March 13, 6:00 pm
Signature Cycles Greenwich
14 Railroad Avenue

Better Posture for Better Cycling Clinic

Signature Cycles Greenwich
Thursday January 17th at 6pm

It is well known that poor posture while cycling can impact stability and result in back and neck pain and even pain in wrists, hands and ankles. Incorrect posture also limits maximum oxygen intake which decreases performance while proper posture can make pedaling easier and breathing more effective. By improving your posture, you can help reduce the chance of injury and pain.

Learn more about better posture for cycling with Dr. Beverley Marr of Stamford Healthcare Associates, chiropractor and creator of The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture, on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 6 p.m. at Signature Cycles. Designed to improve posture, The SOAR Method is a 15-minute sequential stretching and strengthening technique based on the principles of balance, strength and agility.

Dr. Marr will give posture assessments and tips on maintaining good posture while riding. She and her team will also demonstrate their new Posture Board to further improve posture and offer demos of low level laser therapy which uses light waves to reduce inflammation and pain and is used by pro cyclists.

Please email to RSVP


Get out there and explore! (A Garmin Workshop)

June 28th, 6:30 pm
Signature Cycles of Greenwich

The very distinct sound of cleats snapping into clipless pedals has long accompanied the start of any group ride. These days, it’s becoming more and more common to hear that snapping sound quickly followed by a high-pitched chime. That’s a Garmin’s way of saying it has started recording your ride. We’ve noticed more and more riders using a Garmin to track their riding and fitness. For many people, the ride can’t start until your Garmin has located its satellites and is ready to go.

That said, many people use their Garmin as the equivalent of a basic cycle computer, turn it on at the start of a ride, turn it off when you’re done. That’s perfectly fine, but there’s quite a bit more you can get out of your Garmin to help you explore new areas on your bike.


The focus of this workshop will be using your Garmin Edge 800, Edge 500, or Edge 705 for navigation on road bike rides. There are different ways to plot out a course you’d like to ride, and different methods for getting that course onto your Garmin in a useable format.

We’ll cover the following:

  • Websites available for creating rides
  • An overview of pre-ride course creation (mapping)
  • Different file formats for courses
  • Loading a course on your Garmin
  • Uploading / storing your ride data

RSVP to Lori Hoefer for this event: lori@signaturecycles or (203) 485-0500.

Wheel Wisdom, Nov. 17th

Join us Thursday, November 17th, 6:00 pm in our Greenwich Studio for our Wheel Wisdom Clinic. This clinic will provide you with “Real Wisdom” as we discuss all things related to wheels:

• Hub adjustments
• Sealed cartridge bearings vs. loose ball bearings
• Proper quick release tension
• Tires: clincher vs. tubular vs. tubeless
• Characteristics of carbon vs. alloy rims
• Common noises from wheels and what they mean
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How to End Codependency with Your Local Bike Shop

If you find yourself constantly calling or stopping by the bike shop for every little mechanical issue, then this clinic is for you! Although your smiling face is always welcome, we’d rather see you riding your bike than rolling it through our doors for minor adjustments.
This clinic will address the most common reasons we see people for “emergency” fixes. In this 1 ½ hour session you will learn:


• Minor derailleur adjustments that will quiet that clicking and skipping
• Headset adjustments
• Proper quick release installation – often overlooked but extremely important
• How to change out your brake pads for carbon wheel sets
• The importance of torque specs and how to use a torque wrench


Sign up early as class space is limited!!!
Email to reserve your spot or with any questions.

Signature Cycles of Greenwich
October 13th, 6:00pm